Frozen Fruit Monster Strawberry Banana Ice Review

Frozen Fruit Monster Strawberry Banana Ice Review

Discover a cool blend of strawberries and bananas with a hint of menthol in a nicotine salt vape juice from Frozen Fruit Monster. This fruity mix delivers a smooth rush of nicotine with an exhale of icy menthol.

Enjoy this tobacco-free nicotine eLiquid with a pod mod and blow large clouds of fruity iced goodness. Available at Demand Distribution in 100mL bottles with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strengths.

Sweet strawberries

Strawberry Banana Ice is a pristine mix of ripe bananas and fresh strawberries expertly blended with a refreshing blast of menthol. This remarkable blend is a part of the Jam Monster series by Frozen Fruit, which offers a collection of tantalizing fruit-based flavors infused with cooling menthol.

As you inhale, luscious strawberry flavor engulfs your taste buds with its succulently juicy sweetness. Then, you’ll inhale the creamy banana delicacy that perfectly complements the juicy strawberry taste. As you exhale, a cooling menthol rushes over your palate, adding a hint of crispness to the smooth vape clouds.

Creamy bananas

When you inhale this flavor, vibrant strawberries linger on the tip of your tongue before they’re joined by the creaminess and velvety sweetness of bananas. A brisk chill emerges in the exhale, refreshing your taste buds and leaving you feeling cool and refreshed.

Frozen Fruit Monster Strawberry Banana Ice delivers a remarkable blend of two of the most delicious fruits in one of the most exquisite vape juices on the market. It’s a mouthwatering ejuice that combines the sweetness of strawberries and bananas with the chill of menthol.

Refreshing menthol

Frozen Fruit Monster ICE Strawberry Banana is a nicotine salt e-liquid that blends delicious strawberries and bananas with a splash of menthol to create a refreshing vape flavor. This e-liquid is made by the famous vape juice brand, Monster Vape Labs.

On the inhale, chilled tangy strawberries soak into your taste buds and refresh your palate with their succulent sweetness. Then, creamy bananas enter to add their signature smoothness and depth, forming an irresistibly smooth blend of fruits.

Available in 100ml bottles

Frozen Fruit Monster Strawberry Banana Ice is a smooth and refreshing take on the classic combination of ripe strawberries and bananas. This e-liquid is infused with a chilly blast of menthol to create a deliciously invigorating vaping experience. This tobacco-free nicotine e-liquid is available in 100ml bottles with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths.

This E-Liquid by Jam Monster Liquids SYN is a fruity blend that offers the perfect mix of ruby red strawberries and ripe bananas with a bone-chilling dose of menthol to refresh your taste buds and cool down your vaping experience. Featuring a 75/25 VG/PG base, you can experience this remarkable e-liquid in a wide range of devices including starter kits and sub-ohm tanks.